New Reflections from David Cayley: “Pandemic Revelations”

A new essay by David Cayley. I refer you to his blog.

In early April I posted an essay called ‘Questions About the Pandemic from the Point-of-View of Ivan Illich.’ It was written mainly to clarify my own mind and to share my thoughts with a few like-minded friends, but, thanks to the good offices of Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who reposted my essay on Quod Libet, a site where he blogs, the piece was widely read, reproduced, and translated. Since then I have been asked a number of times whether I have changed my mind about what I wrote in April. No. But I have continued to reflect on the meaning of what has overtaken us. One result is an article that I wrote for the Oct. issue of the Literary Review of Canada […] Here are some further reflections…”

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